Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy Training

Today, the role of medical professionals is expanding, and there is an even higher demand for in-office esthetic procedures. Sclerotherapy is one of the most highly demanded cash basis procedures that do not require a large capital investment to offer in your practice. By offering these safer, more efficient procedures your practice should gain anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000 per year in profits. This course provides the necessary information to help make easy integration possible.

Provide More Patient Services

This course is designed for nurses, physicians and other practitioners looking to expand their services. You will learn improved techniques that no longer run the risk of staining, matting or necrosis, or tissue. Not only can you add another significant source of income to your services but also effectively help patients solve their medical or cosmetic problems with spider veins and reticular (blue feeder) veins.  Many patients want these procedures, but few are aware of the lack of discomfort that comes with newer agents and methods. By offering the most modern techniques in sclerotherapy, you can meet the high patient demand and treat unsightly venous disease.

Course Overview

This sclerotherapy training course provides a comprehensive education of this minimally invasive vein treatment. You will learn modern techniques as well as a variety of safe and efficient agents used to eliminate varicose veins. Over the course of this training program you will not only understand how to perform the techniques, but also will gain hands-on experience so you can be comfortable performing these procedures once you complete the course. You will learn specific strategies for practice growth and marketing your new skill set.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate potential patients for sclerotherapy procedures
  • Discuss modern treatments and the latest sclerosing detergents
  • Describe and implement necessary medical protocols
  • Discover the latest laser techniques in vein surgery
  • Provide proper patient evaluations
  • Identify venous anatomy and pathophysiology
  • Demonstrate viable injection techniques
  • Consult with patients with a medical and esthetic perspective
  • Identify patients suffering from venous incompetence
  • Help patients limit post procedure complications
  • Safely administer sclerotherapy in your office


More than 80 million Americans suffer from unsightly venous disease (varicose veins or spider veins) which, though they pose no medical threat in most cases, often give the impression of age and poor health. These veins are abnormal and usually serve no necessary purpose for your circulation. They often occur because of genetics, hormonal changes, increased venous pressure, poor circulation, trauma, etc. Sclerotherapy has been used since the 1930s and is a long-standing method designed to correct unsightly veins. It is a well-proven procedure and works for most patients. The mechanism of the injected agent causes endothelial damage and injures the vessel, causing the vein walls to shut.

Basics of Sclerotherapy Procedure

The physician cleanses the treatment area and injects a solution directly into the blood vessel. This safe and efficient detergent irritates the lining of the vessel and causes it to swell and stick together. Treatment often takes about 30 to 45 minutes, after which, patients can return to their normal activities. Most patients require one to three treatment sessions for smaller veins and three to six treatments for larger ones, before veins disappear. With time, the passageways close and simply become scar tissue, which fades. Generally, the smaller “spider” veins respond to treatment in just a few weeks with larger veins taking three to four months.

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We want you to succeed and find ways to boost clientele, increase profits and find intuitive ways to compete in the modern market. Sclerotherapy training might be just the thing to help you get ahead. Many people want this therapy but are not aware of the safety and efficiency of modern techniques.