About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We are a dedicated group of top physicians and dentists who share a passion for learning and teaching. Our purpose is to have an eye towards the future and so we can promote learning and education for the delivery of modern healthcare. We want you to learn the best! We continually strive to provide opportunities for medical professionals to come together and advance their education through detailed training programs and clinical research you won’t find anywhere else. We also work to foster an environment of trust and mutual respect where a free exchange of ideas can thrive and drive the industry to even greater heights. Ultimately though, we focus on service — the service of continued education for healthcare professionals. Only then can they provide contemporary services and help patients achieve the highest level of well-being and enhance their quality of life.

About Dr. Gary Moore

Since his graduation from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1986, Dr. Gary Moore has more than 25 years of experience and completed hundreds of continuing education courses. He has studied with some of the greatest minds in dentistry, contributed to clinical research and perfected some of the more complex dental techniques. He taught for several years as a faculty member at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and is now offering health care professionals access to his vast repertoire of experience and knowledge. Regardless of your skill level, through Dr. Moore’s continued education courses, you too can help your patients have the best possible experience in your practice.

About Dr. Kevin Moore

An experienced Dentist with special education in Sedation, Surgery, and Implantology. Dr. Kevin has been involved with implantology since 1982 when as a student he worked in the research lab for Dr. Philip Boyne at Loma Linda University. He continued with implant research for Dr. David Hall during an externship at Vanderbilt from 1987-1988. He has taught Implant Dentistry for the past 17 years throughout the Southwest and Hawaii.  He has been placing and restoring implants since 1986.

About Dr. Curtis Knight MD

Dr. Knight graduated from Loma Linda University and did his emergency medicine residency at Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center.  He has lectured extensively on emergency medicine and brings the medical side of dentistry into an easy to understand format.  We are thrilled to have Dr. Knight on our faculty!


Our Team of Instructors

We understand the frustration of investing in continuing education courses that only give you information, but not practical tips on how to implement new services in your practice. It is one thing to teach and learn from the books and quite another to get first-hand learning experiences “in the trenches.” Our teaching team of real world, practicing instructors have revolutionary information and want to share their practicable knowledge with you. At the conclusion of all our courses, you can take what you learn and immediately apply it in your own practice.

Choosing SmileCE Continuing Education

All our instructors have chosen to go through rigorous training and continued education and brings their fount of knowledge to you. If you are wondering about new technology available in health care, our courses take a detailed look at advanced procedures and modern science in the medical industry. If you are curious about the combined approach of dentistry and other cosmetic surgeries, we provide training for Botox, microdermabrasion and comprehensive implant surgery. Each of our training courses will increase your level of patient care and expand your service options, increasing profitability. Not only will you gain confidence performing more complex surgical procedures, but keep an eye on future developments in the industry. If you need it, we even provide phone support or one on one training in your office. If you want the edge in health care, we will give the training and firsthand experience you need to offer the most advanced procedures possible.

Start Furthering Your Education Today!

Great material, great instructors, and great locations means great results for you. It does not matter your skill level or how much experience you have, our courses are designed with you in mind. Click here to see the course list we offer.  Sign up today and learn from one of the industry’s top professionals, Dr. Moore.