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Dentistry and Downhill

Let's have some fun with mountain biking. To learn more, Click Here


Fixed Hybrid Denture

Coming soon

Our all new two-day course to get you doing fixed hybrid dentures in no time. HANDS ON COURSE


About Us

We are a dedicated group of top physicians and dentists who share a passion for learning and teaching. Our purpose is to have an eye to the future and so we… Read More

Dental Implant

Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. Because of their many advantages compared to alternatives like bridges, dental implants have become a necessary tool in every dentist’s repertoire.


ACLS Class

Get a chance to attend our new course – ACLS, Specific for Dentists.  This is a full lecture and hands on course, not your usual “Lecture and Fall Asleep Course!”  Space is limited to only a small amount of doctors, so please hurry and get in contact with us so you can reserve your spot for this unique and valuable course.

Bone Grafting

A relatively new advancement in dental technology that facilitates the popular dental implant surgery process. It adds bone to the upper jaw, lifting the sinus membrane in the process. Sinus lifts are an excellent way to provide an extra service that augments and makes existing surgeries available to a wider audience.

What our courses offer!

We have courses prepared for every kind of practice and every dentist’s skill level. Interested in perfecting your surgery skills? We offer courses on dental implants and the implant surgery process as well as bone grafting explanations. Click on one of the course pages to jump start your continuing education experience today!

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Everyone is super friendly. It seems like they really love what they do so you know what that means.. they are good at it and are professionals.

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